Game development

Mobile games for clients

Creating marketing games for Android and iOS to support the product and brand awareness.

Own indie studio

Working on several own game ideas in various stages of development.

Unity consulting

Offering advice on best practices and development optimization.

Game Jam Entries

Participating on both local and global game jams.


Wedding games

Designing tailored gamified experiences like wedding bingo or escape rooms.

Project management gamification

Applicapble to any agile process this product boosts team productivity and engagement.

Volunteer work

Gamified the process of mapping parking spots for disabled.

Web development


Working in the core team of a high performant content management system.

Wordpress webs

Sometimes, when the situation is difficult, and the budget is tight, Wordpress is the solution.


Created a product for easy event management from registration through attendance to the final invoice.

Custom systems

Whether it's an opinion platform, music competition or a video portal, I got you covered.


Currently not active in this area, these are past projects.


Pioneered teaching of game/web programming in an innovative school project.

Mentoring adults in a group project aimed at teaching programming and self-development.

1:1 consulting sessions

Helping individuals learn programming.